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    Music:  Beth Mehocic

    Choreography:  Beth Mehocic and Kenna Dawn Smith

    Dancer:  Keena Dawn Smith


The Marvelous Music Box

    Music:  Theme & Variations for Harp by Beth Mehocic

    Choreography:  Dolly Kelepecz



The Marvelous Music Box.  Music by Beth Mehocic and choreography by Dolly Kelepecz, April 5, 2013, Judy Bayley Theater, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The music for this ballet is  "Theme and Variations for Harp" and is in six sections:  Theme, A Simple Waltz, Tango, Adagio, Allegro and Theme Reprise.  The Harp is played by Emily Montoya. The ballet is about a sorceress (the Harpist) who brings a group of dolls to life with her music box, (the harp) and controls their movements and emotions with her music.

Butterfly.  Music by Beth Mehocic and choreography by Beth Mehocic and Keena Dawn Smith, October 20, 2012,

Judy Bayley Theater, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Butterfly, is a dance drama about the birth-life-death cycle of the butterfly, one of China's most popular symbols.  Within this dance there are references to Chinese Theatrical Dance and the music tries to capture the essence of Chinese folk music and instruments.  This drama is an impression of Chinese Dance and not an authentic reproduction.

Symphonic Dance (Together4Video)

    Music:  Beth Mehocic

    Video:  Sang-Duck Seo


The Together4 video by Sang-Duck Seo was created as a music visualization of the score Symphonic Dance by

Beth Mehocic. This video was used as the background for the dance also titled Together4. Each section which was choreographed by the UNLV Dance Faculty and presented in Las Vegas and Seoul, Korea. This is the music video without dance.

 ~ Examples of music for dance and film ~

Piece by Piece Video

    Music:  Beth Mehocic

    Performed by:  The Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players

    Video Design by:  Keena Dawn Smith


Piece by Piece.  Music by Beth Mehocic.  This video was created by the 2017 Video Design for Dance Class from the Department of Dance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, under the direction of Dr. Beth Mehocic. Each student was given a section of the music Piece by Piece to design as a backdrop for live dance production. The students were to illustrate the rhythms and moods of their sections. Each student video designer is listed at the beginning of their section within the video.  Piece by Piece is for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Bass Trombone, Violin, Contrabass and Percussion.

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